Bridges to Health

Every parent needs a partner.  You may be on your own, but you’re not alone.

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Bridges to Health is a program for children in foster care. It’s specifically designed for kids with complex medical, developmental, or mental health issues. We offer support services that begin while your child is still in foster care, and we continue that support after your child returns home. Our goal is to keep your child in your home and in your community by helping you manage his or her health conditions.

Here’s how Bridges to Health will partner with you:

  • Health Care Integration
  • Family/Caregiver Support and Services
  • Skill Building
  • Day Habilitation
  • Special Needs Community Advocacy
  • Pre-vocational Services
  • Supported Employment
  • Planned Respite
  • Crisis Avoidance, Management, and Training
  • Immediate Crisis Response Services
  • Intensive In-home Support
  • Crisis Respite
  • Adaptive and Assistive Equipment
  • Accessibility Modifications

For additional information about Bridges to Health in New York City, call 718-329-4968, ext. 5512 or e-mail B2HNYC@ABBOTTHOUSE.NET

For additional information about Bridges to Health in the Hudson Valley, call 914-591-7300, ext. 3205 or e-mail B2HLHV@ABBOTTHOUSE.NET

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