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Article 29i Medical Clinic

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Abbott House provides comprehensive medical services in community-based health centers in New York City and Westchester County.  Our services include Primary, Screening, Urgent, Psychiatric/Mental Health, Psychological  and Diagnostic Care.

All services are provided by our in-house medical professionals and support staff to ensure the needs of all the children we serve are met in a timely manner.  When a family’s medical situation becomes especially complex, Abbott House will be there every step of the way, referring to community sub specialists and following up with all recommendations to ensure continuity of care. This facilitates timely and effective treatment to allow children to focus on learning and growing.

There are two categories of services provided within our 29-I Health Facilities:

Core Limited Health-Related Services

  1. Skill Building
  2. Nursing Services
  3. Medicaid Treatment Planning and Discharge Planning
  4. Clinical Consultations/Supervision Services
  5. VFCA Medicaid Managed Care Liaison/Administrator

Other Limited Health-Related Services

  1. Screening, preventive, diagnostic and treatment services relate to physical health, including but not limited to: Ongoing treatment of chronic conditions as specified in treatment plans.
  2. Diagnosis and treatment related to episodic care for minor ailments, illness, or injuries, including sick visits.
  3. Primary pediatric/adolescent care iv. Immunizations in accordance with NYS or NYC recommended childhood immunization schedule.
  4. Reproductive health care. 
  5. Laboratory tests. 
  6. Screening, preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services related to developmental and behavioral health. This includes the following: Psychiatric consultation, assessment, and treatment. Psychotropic medication treatment, Developmental screening, testing, and treatment. Psychological screening, testing, and treatment. 
  7. Smoking/tobacco cessation treatment. 
  8. Alcohol and/or drug screening and intervention.

Children/youth who are discharged from 29-I Health Facility may continue to receive other limited health-related services from Abbott House or any 29-I Health Facility up to one-year post discharge.