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Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)

Children and Family Services (OCFS) are for children and youth (under age 21) who are enrolled or eligible to enroll in Medicaid and need extra care at home and/or in the community. HCBS are designed to allow children/youth to participate in a vast array of developmentally and culturally appropriate services:

  • Community Habilitation

    Get support with learning social and daily living skills and health related tasks

  • Prevocational Services

    Youth aged 14 and older can learn skills to help with job readiness or volunteer work that matches their interests.

  • Supported Employment

    Youth aged 14 and older can learn job related skills and receive support to secure and maintain employment


  • Respite Services

    May be delivered at home, in the community, or in another allowable location. Planned respite services provide short term relief for families/caregivers and support the child’s mental health needs.

  • Caregiver/Family Advocacy and Support Services

    provides the child/youth, family, and collaterals contacts with assistance in understanding and addressing the child/youth’s needs related to their disability(ies) by enhancing the caregiver/family’s ability to care for the child/youth in the home and/or community.

In order to qualify to request services:
  • Child must be Medicaid-eligible
  • Access for Services are through Health Home Care Management (HH) program or State-Designated Independent Entity C-YES
  • HH Care Manager or C-Yes will complete HCBS Level of Care Eligibility Determination
All HCBS referrals must be submitted via the IRAMS portal by a Health Home Care Manager.

For additional questions regarding HCBS call (914) 591-7300 ext. 3020 or email Filomena LoRusso, Director, at