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To build lasting foundations for children, families, and adults with complex needs, and to empower them with opportunities for promising futures.

The heart of our work at Abbott House is dedicated to helping human beings recover from deep trauma, or intervening to prevent and minimize trauma in the first place.

We support nearly 2,500 children in foster care, unaccompanied immigrant children, struggling families and adults with developmental disabilities in the New York Metropolitan Area and the Hudson Valley.  We build lasting foundations to support children, families and adults with complex needs.

They frequently come to us from trauma-ridden pasts and often have lost their sense of place in the world.  They come to us with the notion of a future that is stalled in the present.  Our goal is to help them create a durable sense of family, home and community, and prepare them for a promising future.

Family comes first at Abbott House.  We work hard to reunite families and create new ones so those entrusted to our care feel a sense of belonging rooted in hope and community. 

Our work is not intended to be a 'fix,' rather it is a conscious investment in individuals and indirectly, their communities. We use the term durable foundations to describe the essence of our work. "Durable" means lasting and dependable. "Foundations" means fundamental, a basic girding to individual's makeup that is a repository of resilience and skills to be relied on in times good and bad.