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Who We Help


The mission of Abbott House is to build lasting foundations under children, families, and adults with complex needs and provide opportunities for promising futures. 

The heart of our work is dedicated to helping human beings recover from deep trauma, or intervening to prevent trauma in the first place. 

Our work has far-reaching effects on families and beyond. By helping one individual, we know that we help countless others—biological and foster parents, siblings, grandparents, and other extended family members. 

With this in mind, this year alone we have touched the lives of more than 8,000 people in the New York metropolitan area and Hudson Valley by providing safety, promoting healing, and restoring hope.


For Children and Families

At Abbott House, we support and strengthen families to keep them together. We also work with newly formed families to help them thrive. 

Our goal is to provide children and adolescents with a lasting sense of family, home, and community, and prepare them for a promising future. We help them build a durable foundation of emotional skills and experiences that allow them to thrive and become contributors to their communities as they come of age. 

For Adults with Developmental Disabilities

The focus of our work with adults with developmental disabilities is to help create enduring foundations of home, community, and purpose in their lives. They often have capacities, strengths, and goals that are overlooked by environments where “management” overshadows growth. They may be hindered unwittingly by caregivers from becoming their own person and developing their own notion of what their life will come to be. 

Regardless of history or circumstance, we aim to provide these individuals with an environment of healing, safety, and opportunity to create their future. 

Adults with complex needs will not “bootstrap” themselves out of their plight and into prospering futures. They critically depend on our professional intervention and partnership. 

Through counseling, health care, life skills, employment training, and other services, we help them find their place in the world.