Ann Toback and The Workmen's Circle

The Dave Wade Heart of Gold Award

Named after the late Dave Wade and his heart of gold in supporting children in need at Abbott House, we honor Ann Toback, Executive Director, and The Workmen’s Circle for their amazing support of our unaccompanied migrant children. You would not believe how much they do for our kids! The Workmen’s Circle is a Jewish social justice organization that for almost 120 years has created meaningful Jewish cultural programs, Yiddish language instruction, and multigenerational education – while working on the frontlines to champion progressive causes.

They remain true to the vision of our immigrant activist founders, advancing critical causes, such as immigration rights and fair wages, by joining and amplifying the voices of like-minded groups and people in need. Their dynamic, diverse, and inclusive community of activists and thinkers is joined by a common vision: to build "a better and more beautiful world for all.”