Foster Parent Support

Support services include monthly support groups and training sessions with relevant topics and guest speakers.  Topics IMG_0191typically include child behavior, trauma, adolescent challenges and triumphs, common psychiatric disorders, medication protocol, caring for children who identify as LGBTQ, caring for children who have been sexually abused, and working with birth parents and families.  These groups give foster parents a chance to create social networks with fellow foster parents, and to share challenges, accomplishments and resources. Our monthly group/training offerings can be accessed by clicking on the  yellow “Foster Parents” tab at the top of each page. IMG_0037

Each program within Abbott House has a 24 hour/evening and weekend emergency contact telephone number so foster parents can reach professional and proficient team members for guidance and backing when children may be experiencing crises. In addition to support services within Abbott House, your child welfare team can help identify and access supports and services within your own community.