The building atop North Broadway in the Village of Irvington, New York that now serves as the administrative headquarters for all Abbott House operations was initially created as a hospital. “Irvington House” focused on care of children with chronic disease. Over time, the hospital began to shift its focus from a mission of purely medical treatment to embrace the cause of child welfare.

In 1963 Abbott House was officially incorporated and now provides services for children and families in foster care throughout the New York metropolitan area with offices and care centers in the Bronx as well as seven Hudson Valley counties.

In 1992 Abbott House further expanded its spectrum of services to include assistance to the developmentally disabled population. Through assisted living programs at 15 Individualized Residential Alternatives (IRAs) and one Intermediate Care Facility (ICF), developmentally disabled individuals are given the opportunity to live their lives with the dignity they deserve. Through employment and volunteer programs such as Meals on Wheels and the “Grime Stoppers” work crew, the people served by this program are able to become positive contributors to society.

At any given time, Abbott House provides care for more than 1,300 children, young adults, and families with a goal of preparing the next generation of society with the knowledge, tools, and opportunities they deserve to attain the success we know they’re capable of achieving.