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How You Can Help the Migrant Children in our Care


Monetary Donations: We are truly overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support for the children.  The most impactful form of support at this time are monetary donations that will help us provide:

  1. Recreational Activities: It costs on average $30 for a child to go on a trip to participate in a recreational activity including the cost for a ticket, meal, and transportation.  They love going out and experiencing new things.
  2. Bi-lingual Teachers: Because of the expanded range of ages we now have, we are in need of additional funds to hire a bi-lingual teacher and teaching assistant. 
  3. Playground: The older kids love playing basketball and soccer.  The younger ones however, need a playground.  Ours is old and in disrepair, and we need a new one for the children.
  4. Where It Is Needed Most: Every child has a unique need that we aim to meet right away.  For example, we had a young girl with Cerebral Palsy who needed an electric wheel chair.  Thanks to generous people like you we were able to make that happen in just a few days, and it was a moment that changed her life forever as her Mom watched via Skype.  We will never forget her joy at having the ability to move on her own for the first time and watching her emotional Mom express her gratitude.  Donations are the best way to help us quickly meet the children's additional needs. 

Donations are the best way to help us quickly meet the children's needs. Click here to make a donation now.

In-kind Goods and Donations:  As you can imagine, we have received an overwhelming amount of supplies/in-kind donations (and requests to provide these items) over the past few days and are still processing these requests in compliance with our gift-acceptance policy.  At this time we can only accept items listed on our current needs list, which can be accessed here.

Become a Volunteer: Volunteers play an important role throughout Abbott House.  We are so grateful to all our volunteers and appreciate the outpouring of interest to be of help.  If you wish to begin the process of becoming an Abbott House volunteer,  click here to fill out an application.  To protect the safety and privacy of our children, all volunteers are screened.  We ask for your patience as we properly vet all volunteer prospects. 

Learn more about Abbott House: Explore this website, check out our virtual tour of our facility where we care for the immigrant children, watch our other program videos and read our heartfelt stories of hope.  We hope you join our mailing list to keep in touch!

Note: The TRC Program is a federal funded program that requires all media inquiries as well as visit inquires to be requested through the Administration for Children and Families Office of Communications at or 202-401-9215.  For all other media requests for our non-federal funded programs, please contact Chief Development Officer, Lauren Candela-Katz at 914-591-7300 ext. 3025.  Please be aware that all of our funded programs have policies and procedures regarding media to protect the privacy, safety, and well-being of those in our care.