Incident Review Committee

Requirements: Practical-minded individuals who have experience with adults with developmental disabilities.  Preferred backgroun as a Licensed Clinican (OT/PT and/or Speech Therapist), Social Worker, Psychologist, Nurst, Direct-Care Professional or representative of an advocacy organization (Self-Advocacy, Family or other advocacy organization for people with developmental disabilities).

Location: Irvington

Days & Times: Meetings held in Irvington either in person or via conference call once a month

Purpose: The purpose of the incident review committee is to safeguard adults with developmental disabilities served by Abbott House.


  • Review, discuss and monitor all concerns, complaints of those receiving services to assure that incidents are appropriately reported, investigated, documents and meaningful corrective action is implemented in an attempt to decrease future similar incidents
  • Evaluate through discussion whether the investigations have been thorough and objective
  • Determine if the conclusions and recommendations of the investigator are clear and address any systemic issues identified. The Committee will make additional recommendations if necessary
  • Make efforts to be informed about issues affecting persons with disabilities.

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