Human Rights Committee

Requirements: Passionate, practical individuals who have experience with adults with developmental disabilities. Preferred background as a Licensed Clinician (OT/PT and or Speech Therapist), Social Worker, Psychologist, Nurse, Direct-Care Professional or representative of an advocacy organization (Self-Advocacy, Family or other advocacy organization for people with developmental disabilities).

Location: Irvington

Days & Times: Meetings are held in Irvington either in person or via conference once a month

Purpose: To ensure the human rights of adults with developmental disabilities served by Abbott House are protected


  • Use your voice to protect the human rights of individuals receiving services, including the right to dignity, privacy, humane care, and freedom from mental and physical abuse, neglect, and exploitation.
  • Discuss, review, and monitor concerns and complaints
  • Participate in meetings by listening, analyzing data, and making recommendations about how to handle complex issues
  • Review/approve restrictions such as beginning/continuing psychotropic medications, restrictive techniques deemed necessary in behavioral support plans to maintain safety for adults with developmental disabilities, in addition to other rights restrictions (as necessary).

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